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Archives - Morten in London, January 2002 | Reviews - Performance @ Vallhall, Oslo 24.03.01 | Review - Forever Not Yours | Review - Differences | Interview - Sue Couch | Interview: Headlines And Deadlines (part 1) | Headlines And Deadlines - part 2 | Interview - Scott Harvey (Morten lookalike) | Interview - Matt Wagener (Morten soundalike) | East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon

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Here you will find all past interviews/articles from The Major Sky Website.




Sue Couch - Founder of the a-ha in the UK campaign
Headlines & Deadlines - The UK Fanclub (part 1)
Headlines & Deadlines - (part 2)
Scott Harvey - What life is like as a Morten lookalike
Matt Wagener - What life is life as a Morten soundalike


* The complete 'East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon' Faerie tale.


Our review of the 'Homecoming' DVD/Video
Our review of the new track "Differences"

I'll always be hunting high and low ..........


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