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Interview: Headlines And Deadlines (part 1)

*We bring you the 2nd in our series of interviews, this month it's the turn of Karen & Geraldine from the UK fanclub Headlines & Deadlines.
This is the first of 2 interviews talking about the forthcoming fan party in London.*

Q:How did the idea of the party originate?

A:Our fanclub has been running for 10 years now, and out of those years we have held 3 get-togethers for our members, with the last being held a few years ago.
We have always had the intention of holding another get-together, but we wanted to do something a little different.
A few months ago we were promted by one of our members to see if it would be possible to hold a party, and we came to the conclusion that this was what we were looking for.

Q:How long has it taken to do all the organisation?

A:The organisation started around the end of May, beginning of June. We first contacted all our members to see if there would be enough interest in holding a fan club party. During this time we recieved quite a few emails from our members asking if they could bring non-members with them, which we agreed to (because at the end of the day we all like the same band!).
This gave us the idea of advertising the party on a-ha's official website. The response was very good, and out of the suggested dates the majority could make Saturday 6th October. From there we went to look for a venue.
After contacting a few locations & finding that their hire price alone was quite expensive, we came upon the Extra Time Bar. Even though this is just a bar, they have floors you can hire for very reasonable prices. We went ahead & booked The Basement Bar.

Q:What are your hopes for the party?

A:Our hopes are just for the fans to have a really good time. This is a prime opportunity for fans to get together where they have a chance to talk about a band that we all love and admire, as well as the chance to eat, drink & be merry!


Q:Can you see fan parties becoming a regular occurrence?

A:Yes, as stated in a previous question, I think this is a great opportunity for fans to get together in a party atmosphere.

Q:The party has turned into a big international party, how do you feel about hosting such an event?

A:We were going to have people attend from the US & Canada, but due to the New York disaster, these people have understandably decided not to attend the party.
Saying that though, we will still have a few European fans attending, from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland & France. We were very suprised when people from other European countries wished to attend the party, as we only expected fans from the UK.
We are looking forward to hosting the event & meeting fans from different countries, as well as meeting some of our members again (& some for the first time).


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