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Archives - Morten in London, January 2002

Our first article for this brand new page starts at the present day, in London, UK ...

 It is the weekend of 26/27 January 2002, in London. In the East London recording studio known as 'Strongroom Studios', Morten Harket is recording the final vocals for the new a-ha album ... to be known as 'Lifelines'.

As 5.1 surround sound becomes increasingly important 'Strongroom's producers have
developed their skills in this area and represent some of the best 5.1 surround engineers in the UK.

It is good to see that the UK is still a front-runner in this business and it is even more pleasing to see that a-ha are still visting the UK and using UK producers on the new album..... lets just hope that the album comes to the UK as well!

A full photo-report of Morten's visit to the studio can be found at - complete with his own pictures!!

Morten in Strongroom Studios


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