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Interview - Matt Wagener (Morten soundalike)

As many of us know, Morten Harket as got one of the best voices around, however we have tracked down an a-ha fan who sounds spookily similar!
We have managed to get a quick chat with him to find
out what life is like for a Morten 'soundalike'...


Name: Matt Wagener
Age: 33
Lives: Wirral, UK
Job: Financial consultant

Q:How long have you been singing for?

A: I probably began to take more interest in improving my voice from about age 14. Then puberty came along and I was able to sing the lower notes I was unable to reach before! Fortunately, I adjusted and began to sing to the material that was out at the time, including A-ha.

Q:Do you have any artists who are a inspiration to you?

A: Well obviously A-ha have an importance and special meaning to me. In terms of inspiration, their music encourages me on a musical level but also just as part of general living. I attach a lot of personal relevance to much of their music and one way or other there has been a connection there with a lot of their songs at various parts of my live.

Outside of A-ha, I have been influenced musically by Depeche Mode, John Lennon and others.

Q:Do you try to sound like Morten, or does it come naturally?

A: I try to sound like him! Only if it is to enhance an A-ha cover version really but I would be unable to sing an A-ha song without subconsciously imitating him. I have a similar range and style as Morten but he is one of a handful of singers I can copy.

Thanks a million to Matt for allowing us to pester him with questions and for use of the photographs!!

If you get the chance to check out his singing.... do so!
We at the campaign think its definately worth listening to Matt, especially if you like Morten's voice ... you will love this!!

If you want to contact Matt for more information and for the chance to listen, click on the email link below to email him on : -

Q: I (Sue) have heard 2 of your a-ha covers and they are very good, do you like singing a-ha tracks?

A: More so than a lot of stuff, yeh. It is down to the strength of the songs, my passion for them and that Morten's singing style is great and it suits my kind of voice.

Q:Do you write as well as sing?

A: I do write and record my own songs. I'm not a big fan of my own material but occasionally I put together the odd thing that I like.

Q:Have you ever considered singing professionally?

A: Obviously this would be a dream come true but it is very difficult to get yourself listened to by the right people. I have even tried opera! Also,I would have to abandon a successful, professional career to give it real focus too, which would mean giving up a lot, at a great risk...but it does sound romantic!

Q:How long have you been an a-ha fan?

A: Since the beginning but it only since the last album that I have become a more devoted fan.

Q:Have you ever seen a-ha live?

A: No never, hence the fact that I am in strong support of the campaign to raise their profile in the UK. I will see them at the next opportunity though,; come hell or high water!

Q:What is it about a-ha that makes you cover their songs?

A: The songs are fantastic and universally appealing. Morten has the most enjoyable voice I have ever heard. On top of this their songs have always had a special and personal meaning to me.

Q:Where can our readers get to hear your a-ha covers?

A: They can contact me on:! Also, I am planning to set up a page under with a few songs uploaded (including my own work!).


OK...that's all for now folks. If you know someone who deserves a bit of fame, or if you yourself fancy being interviewed about your website (or anything a-ha related) then drop us a line & we will be sure to get back to you.