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Interview - Sue Couch

Beginning our season of interviews we will be chatting with those lovely people behind the 'a-ha in the UK Campaign'.
(i.e. US!!)
We kick off this month with the founder of the campaign Sue Couch...

Q: How did you come to start the a-ha in the uk campaign?

A: I guess it all started with the ME/MS comeback in 2000. I thought then how good it would be to see a-ha back in the UK. I was encouraged in a way to see or hear that they were doing interviews/appearences in the UK (e.g. Big Breakfast etc)
Then came the setback of not being able to get the singles here!
My feelings on this subject were clearly echoed by fellow fans (Just see some of the messages & pleas on various websites).
I felt as if someone should gather these feelings together and use them to actually get somewhere (or at least try) - so the campaign was born!

I guess I am the type of person that if a job needs to be done - hell, I'm the one to stand up and do something about it!


Q: When & where did you first see them live, & how did you feel?

A: I actually only saw them first on 25.11.00!!
The feeling is almost undescribable - but I'll try!
I knew that I had to go to Berlin to see them live as I had missed seeing them 3 times in my life.
The feelings that I experienced when I had my ticket in my hand were fantastic - all my friends (Both in work & out) got so fed up of me waving my ticket under their noses & getting hyper!
This feeling built up & up & I really do not know how I passed the time in the queue at the Veladrom on the night!!
I was so lucky to be in the front for my very first a-ha concert - and it is a night that will stay with me forever.

My emotions whilst the build up happened (while seranade strings was being played) were high - and they eventually broke when a-ha appeared on the stage.
I had waited about 15 yrs for that moment and it had finally come - and I cried!! Yup, a 26 yr old in tears!
I know that I was only a face in a crowd, but to me it was one of the best nights of my life to date!


Q: How long have you been an a-ha fan & what makes them such a good band?

A: I have been a fan since the beginning. When I first heard Take On Me I fell in love with the song, and at that point I had no idea what a-ha looked like!
I then saw them on TV - and that was it!!
I was 11 yrs old & found myself madly in love (as only an 11 yr old can!).
I cannot pinpoint exactly what makes a-ha suh a great band it's a wonderful mixture of originality, creativity, amazing lyrics performed beautifully, good looks and just everything!

Perhaps they are so good because through different songs they have the ability to 'touch' you, to take you away from whatever hassles you have.
To me personally they have always been there for me - whatever mood I have been in or whatever life has thrown at me. Their music has soothed me, inspired me, relaxed me.

Q: What other musical influences do you have?

A: I do not listen to that much music - but when I do, I 'really' listen to it.
I have also listened to a-ha, of course, but I also like things like - U2, Bryan Adams, Savage Garden, & Sting.
I do not listen to much chart stuff, it seems to lack something.
But by far a-ha have been the biggest influence on me.

Q: If you could be a fly on the wall for any of the a-ha guys, who would you choose & why?

A: Can I only choose one?? Can't I have all three?
No seriously - I would not want to be a fly on the wall for any one of them when they are having time to themselves (what they do in their private lives is up to them and should remain private!).
What I would like is to be a fly on the wall when all three get together & become a-ha.
I would love to witness a day in the recording studio or something like that. To be there & see the creativity, to see the songs come together as the finished product.


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