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Interview - Scott Harvey (Morten lookalike)

Those of you who attended the recent Headlines and Deadlines fan party in London will probably recognise our next interviewee, a number of you mentioned him so we thought that we'd try and get a quick chat with him and find out what life is like for a Morten 'lookalike'...

Name: Scott Harvey
Age: 31
Lives: Southampton, UK
Job: Accomodation on cruise ship


Q:What is the best/worst thing about looking like Morten?

A:I can honestly say that a lot more bad has come from having a resemblance to Morten than good.
I have actually had to put up with more shit from people who don't appreciate a-ha.

Q:Can you sing like Morten?

A:Only in the shower, and the water has to be cold enough for me to hit the high notes in 'Take On Me'!!
Seriously, no, I cannot sing like Morten.

Q:Are you an a-ha fan, if so, how long have you been one?

A:I have been an a-ha fan since 'The Sun Always Shines On TV'.
I first heard the song when they performed it on 'Top Of The Pops' in 1986.

Q:You are obviously a Morten Harket lookalike, do you actively set out to look like him or is it just coincidence?

A:I don't actively go out of my way to look like him. I'm usually told by people who don't like a-ha that I look like the lead singer of the band, so I was amazed to hear from actual a-ha fans at the UK fanclub party when they also thought I looked like him.

Q:What's your favourite a-ha track?

A:My favourite track will always be 'The Sun Always Shines On TV', but saying that, I also like 'You'll Never Get Over Me'.


Thanks a million to Scott for allowing us to pester him with questions and for use of the photographs!! And thanks also to Karen and Geraldine for getting them to us.

Q:Have you ever considered entering competitions? (Stars In Their Eyes springs to mind!!)

A:I have never thought about entering competitions, as I don't think anyone could sing like Morten...even if the water is cold!!

Do not forget to email us at if you know of anyone else who could be interviewed!