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Review - Forever Not Yours

Forever Not Yours - the 2002 single -

"Forever Not Yours" is the first venture for Morten Harket as a 'single' songwriter for a-ha. The track was written by Harket and Sverre Olsen, with collaboration by Magne for the music.
It is also a first for Paul - it is the first time has not contributed to an a-ha single!
The track opens with a great beat, reminiscent of the 80's, but with a good mix of 2002 in there as well.
The rhythm merges with the piano into a tune you cannot help but start to flow with.
Then the crystal clear vocals of Morten come in and sweep through your body and he wraps you up into the song with the magic of his amazing voice and vocal range.
The song is fantastically commercial and I am sure that it is an excellent example of what the new album - entitled "Lifelines", will be like.
This is definately a song that takes you along with it - you just cannot help it!! After only hearing it a few times I found myself singing it at work!
"Forever Not Yours" will be the first single from the new album and will on general release in Europe from 08.04.02, and available in the UK from 08.07.02.
Review written by Sue Couch 2002 

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