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Headlines And Deadlines - part 2

OK, next up we have the 2nd of our UK fanclub interviews.
Here we get the follow up to the UK fan party.

Q:When and how did Headlines and Deadlines first begin?

Q:You have just had the much talked about fan party, how did it go?

A:Even though we have held get-togethers in the past, this was the first time we had actually held a party, so it was a little nerve racking. But everything went so well and the party was fantastic. we had nearly 100 people turn up on the night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so much.
The venue we had chosen, the Extra Time Bar, had 15 screens around the room which were playing all a-ha's videos of thier singles from 'Take On Me' right up to 'Velvet', as well as a few a-ha performances.
The DJ was really good and gave the party attendees exactly what they wanted - pure a-ha music (with just the odd song here and there from other artists).
We also had an a-ha related cocktail menu where you could order anything from a 'Take on me slammer' a 'Living daylights suprise', or even a 'Velvet venom'.
Our big announcement on the night was that people had the chance to win some prizes, which were a signed copy of 'Minor Earth, Major Sky', an envelope with Magne's valentine day stamp on it and signed by Magne.
And also two promotional posters and promotional photo.


Geraldine & Karen

Q:When & how did Headlines & Deadlines first begin?