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Welcome to the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' ...
The Guest Page

Here we will be inviting fans to share their a-ha experiences and stories. We will also be publishing pieces written by fellow fans who are working hard to help a-ha promotion.
Stay tuned for contributions on PR, the US campaign and other campaigns from around the World.

COMING SOON - The full UK Fanclub Party Report ....

Until then, a few party pictures to get you in the party mood... if you see yourself here, feel free to email us and we will give a name to the face!


At last the night of the party had arrived!
This night was going to be a first for me in two separate ways ... my first a-ha fan party and my first real chance to meet the a-ha fans in my capacity as founder of the "a-ha in the UK" Campaign.

I arrived at the venue full of nerves, but luckily with one of my good friends in tow. At the beginning of the evening she was not an a-ha fan .... but by the end she was asking me where to buy the CD's - especially ME/MS!!

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by the sounds of a-ha pumping out from the bar below and then I was greeted by Amanda "Velvet" and Mandy "Shimmer" - two very loyal supporters of a-ha and the campaign. We had talked on the internet and on the phone, but this was our first meeting.


Just before we made our way down stairs, we met both Geraldine and Karen who gave us the warmest welcome. After discussing the plan for the evening it was time to go down stairs, have a great evening and promote the campaign.

I knew that the party was going to be good - the atmosphere just told you that, but I did not realise how good it was going to be.
The minute you entered the downstairs bar, you were greeted by a-ha party posters and video screens playing a-ha videos and live performances from 2000/2001. I know one or two people (mentioning no names!!) who were glued to those screens for most of the evening, especially during the videos for "Move to Memphis" and "Angel"!!