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Welcome to the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' ...
Credits And Thanks...

Here we would like to give credit and thanks to all that have made this campaign possible.
To those who have faith in us - thank you so much.

To a-ha - Thanks for the music guys, and for inspiring such loyalty in your fans. Tusen takk.
To all at - Thank you so much, tusen takk.
To Peter Noble and all at PR Noble UK - thanks for believing in
a-ha and helping them back to the UK. We appreciate all your help and support. 

To Berte Hilmo - Tusen takk Berte. Words cannot say how thankful we are.

To Sabine Clement - We are eternally grateful for your help. Many thanks for helping to get the campaign where it is today.

To Amanda Jade Tyler - Thank you for your help, especially with the PR side of things. Your help has been invaluable.

To Geraldine & Karen at "Headlines and Deadlines" UK a-ha fanclub - Thanks for all your help and support and especially your faith in us.

To P A Stenersen - Many thanks for your support and your fantastic a-ha/a-ha related fan service.

To Peter Losher and the a-ha mailing list - Thank you, a great place for a-ha fans.

To Mark at Code Magazine - Thanks for the handy hints and help building our website. 

To everyone who has contributed to this site, in one way or another - A big thank you guys... you have helped make this site what it is!!

To the fans all around the world - The campaign has got this far because of you. Thank you for all your kind words and support.