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Welcome to the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' ...
Headlines And Deadlines - The UK Fanclub

If you are interested in joing the UK's a-ha fanclub, read on for details...

Our names are Geraldine Thacker & Karen Johnson and we have been running the Headlines & Deadlines fanclub since December 1991 covering the career of a-ha, and also their solo projects.
We have members from around the world.
We send out four magazines a year (sent in March, June, September & December) and all magazines are in full colour and A4 size.
Each magazine is full with reports done by ourselves and/or our members, and we have a news section where the majority of the information about the band has come from their London based manager and personal manager.

We also have a fanshop (which is run by our friend P.A. Sternerson who is based in Norway) where you can find all a-ha's albums, as well as the solo albums of Morten, Savoy & Magne.
You also have the opportunity to ask for an extensive sales list, which contains rarities, etc.
In addition to that we also have the occational advertisment from members. We also have a penpal section, where members can write to other fans around the world.
Finally we also have an 'Information service newsletter', which notifies members of single/album releases, concert dates (including venues), etc.
This newsletter will only be sent out to members if the release dates/concert dates are before any of our magazines are due to be released and will be sent by letter/email.

If you are interested in joining our fanclub, please contact us at the following address:


Headlines & Deadlines
a-ha fanclub
26 Drapers Road
London, E15 2AY

Kind Regards,

Geraldine & Karen