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Welcome to the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' ...
How You Can Help...

The campaign needs maximum publicity to reach as many fans as possible,
and to make the people who "listen" sit up and take notice.

Below are a few of the ways you - the fans - can help get a-ha back to the UK.



This is the main bulk of the campaign. We are gathering the interest of people and parties who will be willing to listen to us, but in order to prove what we are saying we need the evidence.
What we need you to do, is to write to us at with ALL your comments regarding a-ha promotion (or the lack of it!).
These comments from fans like you, will be the evidence we will use to prove that a-ha still have considerable support here in the UK.

Please note that you may see more than one campaign out to gather support. This is the only campaign that has the necessary contacts for success. Please feel free to mail us with any questions you may have.


This was launched at the recent "Headlines & Deadlines" Fanclub Party.
Many fans want to put their names to the petition, as they do not always want to write an email as they are unsure as to what to write for a "comment" - don't worry a comment is not always necessary. Your support will still count no matter how you lend it.
If you would like a petition sheet, to add your signature and those of any friends, email us at and head your email "PETITION". We will then forward a blank sheet to you to fill in and pass around to friends, family and collegues.
Return the form to us with as many name as possible - its as easy as that!

(Please note that for the campaign to succeed, only genuine fans/admirers of a-ha or people who really want them back in the UK, should sign the petition. Getting friends to sign, just to make up numbers will not be productive! Sorry!!)


A great medium for reaching people and fellow fans. We have tried to advertise on as many sites as possible, but have we overlooked any?
Have we missed your favourite site?
Do you own/run a site where you would like us to advertise and keep you up to date with campaign news?

Email us at and we will be in contact.


Another great place to spread the word! Let us know where you want to see us or hear us and we will try our best.

Why not request an a-ha track to be played on your favourite radio station, and ask the DJ to mention us. You never know - you may reach an a-ha fan who has not heard of us yet!!
Better still - get on the radio yourself with the DJ and talk a-ha and this campaign! Most DJs will chat on air for a few minutes with people who phone in with an interesting subject.
Get tracks played from MEMS (and the new album when its out), so the UK can hear the 21st century a-ha.


Do your bit and do a little free advertising across the UK ... wear your a-ha T-shirt with pride, play the CDs to anyone wo will listen, put up posters in your office or work place.
Have your own a-ha T-shirt printed and be unique, or send us your designs and we will promote a series of "un-official" T-shirt designs to fellow fans.
Once we get the UK used to the fact that a-ha are still making music, it will be easier to introduce them again to the UK music scene and break them out of this idea of "one-hit wonder".
The next time you have a "Girls/Guys Night In".. why not get "One Night at McCools" ... and make sure your mates know where "Velvet" comes from!!


Yes, thats right... you can control the music at times!
At parties, put on an a-ha CD, play their music at work, in the car you have a captive audience, so play a-ha and see the reaction!!
Many people will remember them, they just need a little reminding that a-ha are still out there and producing music.
Your mission .. if you choose to accept it, is to convert as many people as possible !!


The best way to spread the word!
Mention us in a-ha chat rooms, in the mailing list, to fellow fans.
Remember its good to talk!