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Welcome to the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' ...
The 2002 Tour Page

Now the tour is over..... and in a bid to keep the amazing feeling going (that good ol' concert feeling) and in an attempt to chase away the post-concert blues, we here at the campaign are gonna set you a little task............

Your task is to choose 3 words, yes, ONLY 3 (!!!) that best describe the a-ha 2002 concert(s) you went to:

To give you an idea, here are some of the words we would use:
* Perfect
* Amazing
* The best!
The best "descriptions" will be printed here....... so get thinking and email us!!

Wow!! - the response to our "3 little words....." task has been overwhelming! Our inbox is overflowing!! But this is what we like, as it shows just how much passion, dedication and joy the fans have for a-ha!!
We will try and print as many of the descriptions as we possibly can here...... so stay tuned to see yours soon!

* magical               * moving               * exquisite              * outstanding
* awesome             * rocking               * spine-tingling      * sensational
* inspiring...            * justified!             * glorious               *  inspiring
Sofia Marques         Julian Prime         Amanda Bird         Amanda Stephens