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Welcome to the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' ...



So, what's this all about?

This website was created for the fans of a-ha well over 2 years ago, to help get our band promoted properly again in the UK.
Here you will be able to find up to date news of the 'a-ha in the UK campaign' and also the latest on the a-ha boys themselves.
We have lots of treats in store for you, including interviews with the people behind the scenes...from the people behind 'Headlines & Deadlines' (the UK fanclub) to news and more from
Of course it doesn't stop there, we also have pictues & articles, and as a special treat we have a page devoted to those long lost days when a-ha were icons worldwide.
We have dug out and dusted off those things that have been pushed to the back of your dusty old attics so that we can all relive those glorious a-ha days...
So join us on an a-ha adventure - we hope you enjoy your stay!

Please don't forget to send us your comments, we have provided a form on the 'Contact Us' page to make it even easier!!
The "a-ha in the UK Campaign" - the original campaign and website that helped get things going again in the UK!!!

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Please note that it is that provide us with news material and frequent pictures. is the official home site of  a-ha and is well worth bookmarking as the top a-ha site.
Visit them for :
* Free membeship to The Minor Earth Community
* All tour information and dates
* All the latest a-ha and solo news
* All the latest new release dates
* The chance to but a-ha/solo merchandise
* All the latest TV/appearance information
* Fan contributions and stories
* The Press Lounge
* Regular "In the Media" updates


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The "a-ha in the UK" campaign was the first UK Campaign and is now over 2 years old, still going strong and proud to be bringing you news of the UK a-ha tour for 2002!! and much, much more!!

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Direct link to a-ha's UK PR team:
Go there and have a look!!

Think you can best describe the recent "Lifelines Tour 2002" in only 3 words???? 
Pop along to our Tour 2002 Page for details on how to take on our little task..... 

This site is constantly being updated, so please do not wander far..... bookmark us and visit us again soon for lots more a-ha news and pictures!!
Sue & Julia
The a-ha in the UK Team


The new long-awaited live a-ha album will be released in March 2003 as follows:
* Single 14 track CD - 24.03.03
* Ltd Edition 20 track CD - 24.03.03.
It will be called "How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head"!!
A single will be released from the album, on 10.03.03 and will be the live version of "The Sun Always Shines on TV"..... complete with video! 
We only have these details at the moment and sadly we have no release details for the UK..... stay tuned!
The majority of the live tracks were recorded at
* Wembley, London 12.10.02
* Hallenstadion, Zurich 02.10.02
The single has been taken from the performance at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam 08.10.02

The a-ha in the UK Campaign - the UK campaign and website to help get things going again here in the UK!!

How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head - a-ha live

Link to the Major Sky Archives Site - for all past articles, interviews and reviews!!


* Form and mailing list added to 'Contact' page for your written support

* News page updated for November & December 2002 and more coming soon ....
* TOUR 2002 ... join with us and the fans worldwide - re-living the amazing "Lifelines 2002" Tour!!  
* NEW photos in our photo album... check them out!
*NEW & UP-To-DATE Live photos... go look!!
* NEW "What were they thinking" photos - laugh, but not too much!!

* NEW Interview with the creator of the "Lesson" stories!

* NEW page "a-ha and the UK"... what is the relationship? Find a UK interview with Morten here NOW!

* FORUM moved to home page for quick access!!
* ARCHIVE SITE joined to this site for all past interviews/articles and reviews.... don't miss a thing!

Picture taken from official 2002 Tour Programme


** BAND NEWS... **

The next single will be "Did Anyone Approach You".

Unfortunately, there are no plans to release the single in the UK (thanks Warner.... NOT!!).

But do not give up ......... the campaign is still trying!!




Click the album cover to visit .

*** FAN NEWS ***

Do you want to help with UK promotion??? The Campaign is now considering a flyer campaign to push for more a-ha awareness in the UK!! If you would be interested in having a few flyers to pin up at work or in your car window, email us at if there is enough interest and support we may do it!!

on the set of the Lifelines video

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This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here.

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